Perry Center Fire 

                PERRY CENTER FIRE     

The Perry Center Apparatus Page

Perry Center Truck 1 

"The Phoenix"

2002 Freightliner * 500 Gallons Of Water * 1250 GPM Hale Pump * Automatic transmission.

This Truck Is Our Heavy Rescue And Holds Equipment For MVA's And Structure Fires.

Air Bags, Air Tools, SCBA Packs & Bottles, Grain Bin Rescue Equipment, Chimney Fire Equipment, Interior Hand Tools, Saws, Hard Suction, Traffic Control & landing Zone Equipment. A Generator, Cord Reels And Scene Lights Are Included.

There are 2 Crosslays with 1 3/4" Hoselines Loaded In A Triple Layer Load. There Is A Crosslay Of 3" With A Blitzfire Master-stream And 4" Loaded on the top/Rear Hosebed. 

This Is Also carrying Ladders and A Porta-Tank.

Perry Center Truck 2


1989 Freightliner Quick Dump * 2300 Gallons Of Water.

This Carries A Porta-Tank & A Portable Water Pump.

Perry Center Truck 3

"The Intimidator."

2015 Ford F-550 4x4 * 300 gallons Of Water * 1500 GPM Hale Pump

This Truck Is A Fast Attack Mini Pumper Built For Fast Response, Water Supply & Tanker Fill.

This Truck Carries SCBA Air Packs Via Jump Seats, Air Bottles, TNT Rescue Extrication Tools, Indian Tanks, Saws, Interior Tools, Forestry Equipment, Hard Suction, Traffic Control & Landing Zone Equipment And Seats 4 Firefighters.

This Truck Has 2 1 3/4" Crosslays Loaded In A Triple Layer Load, A deck Gun master-Stream, 4" Inch Hose bed Loaded Hose And A Preconnected

Perry Center 4

2017 Ford F-150

4x4 Utility P/U